2017 Beauty Trends

In the name of makeup Gods and Goddesses everywhere let us have a moment of silence to reflect on the epic year of makeup behind us. From rainbow highlighter to more liquid lipsticks than our hearts could take, 2016 was an amazing year for makeup and we’re sure 2017 will be no different. This year there really is no in-between, its either piling on that glitter or applying very subtle makeup to accentuate just one feature.


Black linerBlack Liner

For those of us who haven’t yet mastered the art of flicking the wrist to create that cut-a-bxtch sharp winged liner we can breath a small sigh of relief as our favorite eyeliner trend is making a major comeback. Yes ladies, lining out our waterline with our tried and true black liner pencils is back. To create a more edgy look, lightly smudge out the outer corners and apply mascara to your bottom lashes.



Natural Brows

Natural Brows

Goodbye stencils and brow pencils. Natural, subtle brows are the latest trend in 2017. Just grab a spoolie and some clear brow gel. For a cleaner look, neaten up your brows with an eyebrow shaver, dab a little brow powder or your go-to pomade to fill in any gaps or go in with a tinted brow mascara.





Red Lip

Red Lip Reinvented

After Marc Jacobs declared the ‘no make-up’ make up look over, 2017 is bringing it back and taking it a step further with a dramatic red lip. The face is kept very soft and clean with the use of a tinted BB/CC cream or a light-medium coverage foundation and a little concealer. Use an earthy toned blush to add some warmth to the face before completing the look with your boldest red lipstick.




Glitter Underliner and Cut-Crease

Thanks to Instagram and Pinterest the glitter trend is still going strong. 2016 saw the reinvention of the glitter lid and now 2017 is the year of dramatic glitter underliner and cut-creases. For our inner Yonces these looks are perfect for a little pick me up or even a night out. For our Caribbean girls, this the best compliment to your Carnival costumes. And don’t worry of a little fallout, it just adds to your sparkle.

P.S. It might also hide the fact that we stayed up all night binge-watching Game of Thrones.


Blurred LipsBlurred Lips

Robin Thicke predicted it – blurred lines has made its way to our lips so we can give that lip liner and steady hand a little rest. Sticking to the subtle face makeup, to achieve this look gently smudge out the edges of your lipstick. Adding a bolder shade and blending towards the middle creates a more dramatic finish.







Orange has become the new black this year when it comes to hair colours with the biggest rave being Blorange (Blonde + Orange). This is the perfect pastel combo to start off your year on a giant W. If you commit to anything this year it should definitely be this colour.


Long Hair



Long Hair, Don’t Care

Celebrities from Kim Kardashian to Twitter Queen Chrissy Teigen have been seen sporting extra-long tresses this season. A few clip in extensions and a great blow out will help achieve that Kardashian-esque flair we’re all longing for. Hair for daysssss.



Mermaid Eyes


Mermaid Eyes

Mermaid eyes are the latest trend to come out of the catwalks with designers like Jill Stuart and Marc Jacobs contrasting blues, purples and oranges to create a softer, more intimate dream-like version of the bold smokey eye.




P.S. Men’s edition coming soon. Stay tuned guys !





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